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It’s not just a vacation, it’s an adventure.

Once you have the big planning (accommodations, flights, transportation) of your trip settled, the biggest decision is deciding how to spend your days. CocoBlue Travel & Concierge Services caters to the adventurer and the culture enthusiast alike. No clue where to start? That is no problem. Allow us to take the lead and show you a whole new world. 

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Bob Marley Tour

Learn more about the reggae legend’s life and music with a visit to his birth and resting place, childhood home, and favorite spots. Whether you are an avid fan or budding enthusiast, you are sure to enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Port Royal Tour

Partially sunken by an earthquake in 1962, spend your day walking on the grounds of the once bustling and wealthiest pirate city of the Caribbean. Soak in the heritage and history of the Caribbean experience.

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Rural Trip

Get out of the city and live life authentically Jamaican. Coupled with your very own “yardie pal” scour the markets for fresh produce, hear and speak the local Patois dialect, and learn to cook an authentic jerk meal. This tour will have you feeling the spirit of One Love, One Heart.

St. Petersburg Tour

Slow down and enjoy the beauty St. Petersburg has to offer. Bask in the creative energy of Central Avenue and take in the views at the Downtown Waterfront. The picturesque city of St. Pete’s is the perfect spot to unwind.

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Vegas Tour

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon or a historical drive along the Strip. Las Vegas has all the fun and luxury you desire. The choice is yours, what’ll it be?

Uncover Jamaican Roots


Does your heritage hail from our little island? Find out more about your family’s past with this revealing tour. Scour the local archives and government records office and uncover information about your Jamaican ancestors and their lives here.


Other tours:


  • Pay homage to Bob Marley during a trip to the reggae legend’s final resting place.

  • Learn about everyday life during a trip to a rural community

  • Take a dancing lesson and learn the latest Jamaican moves.

  • Sample typical Caribbean dishes prepared by local vendors.

  • Go island-hopping around the coast.

  • Admire historic buildings and centuries-old churches during an architecture-focused tour.

  • Chat with Jamaican children as you tour a local school.

  • Treat yourself to a manicure in a Jamaican salon.

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