Once you’ve got the big-ticket logistical aspects of your Jamaica trip organized (such as where you will be sleeping), it’s time to get down to the good stuff: deciding how you are going to spend your days. This is where we really come into our own. At Cocoblue Travel & Tours, we can plan custom tours for travelers of all kinds, from the up-for-anything-and-everything adventurers to the cultural connoisseurs. We can help you dig up your family tree, provide you with a Patois interpreter or just accompany you on walking tours, both by day and by night. Just how tightly structured (or not) you want your trip to be is entirely your call.


Remember, you don’t need to come armed with ideas. If you are up for letting us take the lead, we can show you a side of Jamaica you never knew existed. All you need to do is get in touch.



Rural Tour


Discover the best of rural Jamaica. Together with your very own “yardie pal” (a local term for a native Jamaican) and Patois interpreter, scour a produce market and shop for supplies for your next meal, chatting with vendors about the practices of their small-scale farming operations as you go. After, learn how to cook authentic jerk from a local, who will walk you through the processes that transform the raw ingredients into the deliciously fiery final product.

Castleton Botanical Gardens


Soak up the serenity of these flower-filled gardens, which are set in the lush, breezy hills of St. Mary’s to the north of Kingston. Spread across a 15-acre space on the banks of the Way Water River, these gardens were originally planted back in 1862 with some 400 or so specimens brought over from London’s famous Kew Gardens. Admire the blossoming flowers that abound in the gardens, which have become a popular escape not only for peace-seeking Kingstonians but also for bird-watchers who want to clock up sightings of exotic feathered species.


Urban Stride


Explore the city of Kingston as the locals do: wandering around on foot and riding local buses. With a proud Kingstonian native leading the way, you won’t have to worry about navigating unfamiliar transport systems; they’ll show you where to go. While in town, stop by some of the city’s more prominent landmarks and museums, and enjoy a delicious Jamaican meal in a much-loved

local restaurant.



Uncover Jamaican Roots


Does your heritage hail from our little island? Find out more about your family’s past with this revealing tour. Scour the local archives and government records office and uncover information about your Jamaican ancestors and their lives here.


Other tours:


·         Pay homage to Bob Marley during a trip to the reggae legend’s final resting place.

·         Learn about everyday life during a trip to a rural community.


·         Take a dancing lesson and learn the latest Jamaican moves.


·         Sample typical Caribbean dishes prepared by local vendors.


·         Go island-hopping around the coast.


·         Admire historic buildings and centuries-old churches during an architecture-focused tour.


·         Chat with Jamaican children as you tour a local school.


·         Treat yourself to a manicure in a Jamaican salon.