CocoBlue is a private, international travel company with agents specializing in several destinations worldwide. We offer authentic experiences for guests who desire to see the world in a new light. Currently, our agents are versed in planning memorable stays in locations such as Mexico, Canada, the United States of America (with an emphasis in Vegas and Hawaii), Jamaica, and the Caribbean at large. Whether you are looking to explore Jamaica with an itinerary carefully crafted by a native that
knows the little island, and all its tastiest spots, better than the back of their hands or discover a new world in the rich culture of Mexico, CocoBlue is the opulent choice.

Mrs. Dionne Taylor is the CEO of CocoBlue Travel and Concierge Services, a Jamaican native
hailing from the capital city of Kingston. Having had years to explore the nooks and crannies of Jamaica, Dionne has grown to
understand and appreciate what adventurers like herself want from their vacation experiences.
With a B.Sc. in Human Resource Management, she spent seventeen years working at Kingston
Wharves Limited, ten of which she spent conducting port tours for business clients, visitors, and

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Additionally, having served in the customer service department at the Ritz Carlton, Jamaica, Dionne has acquired a wealth of experience in the Jamaican tourism industry. During her tenure at the Ritz, she was handpicked by the Jamaica Tourist Board to complement the
“Meet the People” program, which encouraged visitors to the island to have a more interactive and personal experience with the Jamaican people and culture. She spent 9 years collaborating with “Meet the People”, assisting numerous visitors in getting to know the island more intimately.


“The only way to fully have the Jamaican experience is to do it like a Jamaican”

– Dionne Taylor.